13 April 2016:

Gladiator has just been released as an eBook (the paperback should be available in a day or two). This is the first book of a planned three-book series. Each book will be very loosely intertwined, but they will all be stand-alone volumes with individual protagonists.
The genesis for Gladiator arose while writing Colonel. I was wondering about the dynamics of the interaction with the Klethos, and I wanted to explore that. The storyline was actually laid before writing Commandant.
For those of you who really like extensive battle scenes, there just isn’t as much of that in this book, which focuses more on duty, sacrifice, and what it means to serve. And as can be surmised from the title, almost all of the combat there is consists of single combat, not units fighting against each other. The next book (working title: Sniper) will revert back to more combat à la the early books in The United Federation Marine Corps series as well as my two “regular” Marine Corps series.
This was a fun book to write. I just hope I did justice to writing about a female Marine, but we’ll see when the reviews come in, I guess. Anytime I can expand my writing chops, though, will hopefully make me a better writer.

28 May 2016

Sniper, the next volume of the Women of the United Federation Marines is out. This is more down-and-dirty with Marines doing what they do best. I modeled Gracie after three Marines I know, one of to whom I dedicated the book. Gracie is none of the three, but she takes parts of them to create who I consider a professional Marine, despite personal issues that she needs to resolve.

28 July 2016

Corpsman is finally out. This is the third book in the series. As a Marine, I admire, respect, and am grateful for the US Navy corpsmen, so this is my little ode to the service. I hope you enjoy it.

30 September 2016

I just sent my latest book, working title Last Stand, to Titan Books. It is tentatively scheduled for a late 2017 release.

21 November 2016

The first book in my UFMC Lysander Twins series, Legacy Marines, has been released. This book follows Esther and Noah Lysander, the two survivign children of Ryck Lysander of the UFMC series.

28 November 2016

"BOLO Mission" is a short story, a single mission of Sniper's Gracie Medicine Crow.

3 February 2017

Esther's Story: Recon Marine, Book 2 of the UFMC Lysander Twins, has been released.

28 March 2017

Behind Enemy Lines, a stand-alone book in the UFMC universe,  has been released.  It takes place 200 years before Recruit. You can find Behind Enemy Lines here.

28 August 2017

I haven't been keeping up with the news page, but for those who might be attending Dragon Con, here is my panel schedule:

Title: Showcase: Indie Authors
Description: Some writers go for traditional publishing, but our panelists chose the route to small press or indie publishing. They tell why and how they have done at it.
Time: Fri 02:30 pm Location: Embassy AB - Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Mark H Wandrey, Chris Kennedy, Jonathan P Brazee, Kevin O. McLaughlin)
Title: Here Comes the Gener-AL!
Description: When you've got magic as a weapon, you change the nature of warfare. Who are some of fantasy lit's greatest strategists and tacticians, and what makes them so successful?
Time: Fri 04:00 pm Location: Embassy EF - Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Myke Cole, Michael Livingston, Kacey Ezell, Jonathan P Brazee, Elizabeth Moon)
Title: Religion in Science Fiction
Description: Many great SF writers develop religions for their worlds, leading the readers to make deductions about their societies that perhaps even the writers didn't intend. Our panelists discuss the role religion plays in SF.
Time: Sun 10:00 pm Location: Embassy AB - Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Fr. Bryan Small, Trisha J. Woldridge, Jonathan P Brazee)

21 October 2017

The final series in the UFMC universe, Grub Wars is out with the first book, Alliance. This takes place 100 years after Ryck. You can find it here.

13 December 2017

The second book in my Grub War series, The Price of Honor, is now available on Amazon. You can find it here.

19 January 2018

The final book in my Grub War series, Division of Power, is now available on Amazon. You can find it here.

20 February 2018

To my great surprise, my novelette, "Weaponized Math," has been nominated for a 2017 Nebula Award. I am humbled to have it included with the other outstanding stories. The actual award will be presented on 19 May 2018 at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America's Nebula Award Conference in Pittsburgh. To be blunt, this has been beyond my wildest dreams, and I keep expecting to wake up to reality.

14 March 2018

I've got a new series, this time with the Navy. The first novella, Fire Ant, follows a new enlisted fighter pilot. You can find it here.

25 April 2018

My latest book, Integration, is now available on Amazon. The book was inspired after I read the story of the Montford Point Marines, the first African-Americans to serve in the Corps. You can find the book here.

27 July 2018

Integration is now a finalist for the 2018 Dragon Award for Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel. The award will be presented September 2 at Dragon Con in Atlanta.

20 Feb 2019

My novella, Fire Ant, has just been nominated as a 2018 finalist for the Nebula Award.

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