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My First Photo


How Tall?

Planting a Tree for Arbor Day, Chestertown Elementary School

Winstead Elementary School

"The Sound of Music," Des Moines Playhouse, 1973

Hoover Wrestling

USNA Midshipman

With Lucretia Borgia, U.S. Naval Academy

Navy Rugby

Tea Ceremony, Japanese Self-Defense Academy

Parachute Ops, Okinawa

Getting my Blood Wings, Okinawa

A Model is Born, Camp Lejuene, North Carolina


29 Palms

With Harvey "Barney" Barnum, Medal of Honor Awardee

Ramadi Iraq

Retirment, U.S. Naval Academy

Retirement Ceremony, U.S, Naval Academy


MCAS Miramar

MCAS Miramar

Thai Veterans Day Ceremony, Bangkok

US Embassy, Bangkok

Three Studs at the Grand Tetons

Lucky Star International at a trade show

Taj Mahal with Pui


Patagonia, Chile

WorldCon, Kansas City, with Larry Niven and Jerry Pournell

WorldCon, San Jose

WorldCon, Helsinki

Distinguished Guest at SphynxCon, 2018

Receiving my Science Fiction All-Star Trading Card

At the Dragon Award Ceremony, 2018

Two Weeks Old

My Two Little Girls

Star Power

San Diego Comic Con

Nice Street

Waffle House Before CapClave

Get In Touch

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